Agricultural Service Board

The County of Two Hills ASB Department is directed by the Agricultural Service Board (ASB). The ASB strives to act with respect to, and assist in, proper land utilization and its production with a view to improving the economic well being of the farmer, and to develop and promote agricultural policies to meet the needs of the agricultural community in the County.

ASB activities include: providing for weed and pest control, soil and water conservation, assisting in the control of animal diseases, encouraging sustainable agriculture to improve the economic viability of producers, and promoting agricultural policies that meet the needs of the municipality.

Agricultural Fieldman
Elden Kozak
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Fieldman - Operations
Sara Miller
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Office:  780-657-3358
Toll Free:  877-657-3359
Fax:  780-657-3504

AAAF Memorial Bursary

The bursary is intended for students continuing their education at a College or University.  Students must be enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science program.  
There is a $1000 bursary available in each calendar year for each of the 5 provincial regions of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen.

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Agricultural Programs

The ASB Department can provide information on Integrated Vegetation Management (weed control, roadside spraying and mowing programs) and Pest Control (clubroot, fusarium, coyote and beaver control, and other pest issues).

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Environmental Programs

The Municipal Conservation Coordinator is available to provide information on and assistance with environmental plans and programs. Programs available include Alberta Environmental Farm Plan, Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP), On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program and Shelterbelts.

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Equipment Rental | Custom Services

The ASB Department offers a wide variety of equipment for rent or sale, as well as custom services. Contact the ASB Department to reserve equipment or arrange for custom services.

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Producer Sponsorship

The Agricultural Service Board will sponsor a number of local producers by providing paid registrations and accommodations to attend conferences that provide the latest information and developments in the Agricultural/Environmental Industry.

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The ASB Department offers various workshops throughout the year to provide agricultural information and education.

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