Two Hills Regional Waste Management Commission

Tips to Help

  • Weather can affect the conditions at the disposal site.
    • Expect to encounter muddy conditions when it has rained.
    • Expect drifts at sites if it has snowed within the last two days.
  • Loads that have been separated before hand will speed up the disposal at the sites.
  • Burn barrels can stay hot up to 3 weeks.  Caution must be used when disposing of ash.
  • Waste oil may be taken to the Regional Landfill.
  • Burn pits are for clean wood only.  No rail ties, treated lumber, wood with plastic attached or shingles.  No plastic material allowed.
  • Tire spots are for tires only.  No rubber products allowed.

To comply with the Provincial Litter Control Act, ALL loads must be secured during transportation.  Loose loads must be covered, waste must be in tied bags or covered boxes, end gates must be used.  If a load is found unsecure, a Public Nuisance Charge will be applied.

Please help to keep our facilities and roadways to the disposal facilities clean.